9 Christmas Colour Schemes to Transform your Home for the Holidays

Christmas colours can be divided into two main groups – traditional colours and contemporary colours.

Traditional colours: The most popular traditional Christmas colours are red, green, gold and silver. Red and green are the most popular Christmas colour schemes. They are often used together, as they are complementary colours. Red is often used for Santa’s suit, while green is used for Christmas trees and holly. Gold and silver are also popular traditional Christmas colours. They are often used together, as they add a touch of luxury to Christmas decorations.

Contemporary colours: The most popular contemporary Christmas colours are blue, white and pink. Blue is a popular choice for Christmas decorations, as it symbolises peace and calm. It is often used in combination with white, as it creates a tranquil atmosphere. Pink is often used as an alternative to red, as it is a softer colour. It is often used in combination with white, as it create a gentle and romantic atmosphere.

1. Opt for a Colour Clash

opt for color clash

While it’s technically a classic combination of green and red, this modern way of combining the two tones, using fresh eucalyptus, keeps it modern. Dark green wood walls create a soothing, cool backdrop, while red accents are added in small doses via ribbons behind the chairs, as well as the occasional rug.
Burnt amber, copper and gold add a touch of glamour, while the use of paper decorations and wrapping makes it cozy.

2. Go Nuts for Almond

nuts with almonds

This rich brown shade of battery brings a warm, comforting tone to the bedroom. This beige to pink, deeper than ivory and brown pink is the perfect alternative to bright white.
“Almond is a soft white color with a neutral base, perfect for a south-facing environment where the light will enhance its warm tones,” says Justina Corchinska, senior designer at Krone (opens in new tab). ‘But it also works well in rooms facing north and west, lifting cool light and adding warmth.’
Combine with elegant glasses, silverware and flasks and accessories for a modern and seasonal atmosphere.

3. Layer with Playful Pastels

playful pestels are unique

Pink never leaves our homes – and Christmas is no exception. Make a sugar plum fairy tale and layer it in the softest pastel shade.
“Give the home a sophisticated and elegant feel with snowflakes and icy blues,” says Sam Hood, chief creative officer of AMARA (opens in new tab). ‘Combining jewels with a little sparkle will transform your home into a magical winter wonderland.

4. Choose a fresh White and Green Combo

fresh and green combo

Enjoy the tranquility of a snowy forest with lush foliage, rustic trees and greenery in a soft place.
Pairing your white with natural green warms up the bright neutral. It also looks like a regular use for Christmas color patterns.
It is a good look anywhere in the house, but headboards and Christmas mantel decor will be stronger and better with this combination.

5. Look to Soft Greens

go with soft greens

Christmas room decoration is one of the biggest tasks when you have to style your home for the holidays – not least because this is where you will spend most of your quiet time.
Create a calm atmosphere of anger by choosing soft colors, sage and eucalyptus green. Less traditional ‘Christmas green’, this shade provides the perfect backdrop to make your tree pop this year.
Together with mustard and copper for the success of the competition.

6. Create a Vintage Scheme with Burnished Jewel Tones

vintage scheme

Take inspiration from history and decorate your home with muted, polished jewel tones this Christmas.
The goal here is to look for darker versions of your classic gems—think garnet over ruby, aquamarine over sapphire, and malachite over emeralds. Combine with oxidized silver and bronze for a sophisticated look.

7. Add Texture to White

add texture to white

Prevent the overall white scheme from being flat by carefully layering textures.
Add a mix of soft and hard balls to your tree, and decorate the room with all sorts of white textures. Sheepskin rugs, chunky throws and faux fur cushions all help to create a cozy and welcoming clean white scheme in a cool and pristine space.
Use the best Christmas lights (opens in a new tab) in warm, rather than realistic white to complete the look.

8. Go for Gold

go for gold

Don’t be afraid of a little bling! From soft, vintage tones to coppery and rich bronze hues, gold adds warmth and elegance. It’s a no-brainer at Christmas, but gold can be used as an accent color all year round to enhance and complete a simple room scheme.
If your room is neutral, a gold lamp or side table with a metal frame will add polish without introducing color contrast.

9. Add Monochrome to Your Home

Black and white is a very fashionable Christmas concept, and styled well it can be very warm and festive.
Try adding clever twinkling fairy lights to add some sparkle to a dark room and place them under modern metal wall hangings.
Finally, lush plants are a thing of the past for a fabric group, so go for a sparse tree that adds soft, woody tones to the room. are one of the best Christmas colour schemes.

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