7 Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home Decor

hink about the last time you walked into a home and felt something. Maybe it was curiosity, a sense of calm, or a shift in energy you couldn’t quite place or describe. A home’s character isn’t limited to unique accents, charming windows, or original hardwood flooring. It is the culmination of individual expression within its walls. It’s the way we add life to an otherwise empty shell. It’s what makes our homes personal

Limited budgets, Instagram envy, and overwhelm can all contribute to the feeling that having “character” in your home isn’t within reach. I am not immune to wishing I had someone else’s floor plan, budget, or broader sense of style. It happens to all of us. So why not look for ways we can embrace what is ours and let the character come from within?

It can be easier said than done, but this post is meant to give you a head start. These are a couple of my favorite go-to ways to infuse character into your home decor …

1. Consider the unique qualities of your space

Having an understanding of the details of your home you won’t change is a great place to start. A large aspect of building “character” in a space is figuring out how to create a unique combination of personal style. The easiest place to start is to decorate your home with furnishing that contrasts the style of the architecture. 

If your space is super traditional, the contrast of midcentury modern pieces could be a great way to infuse more character. Geometric printed pillows on a traditional couch would make for a beautifully unique statement.

If your space is industrial, a crystal chandelier could shine in a totally different way.

If your space is modern, a bold de Gournay-inspired print on an antique chair would create a stunning focal point. Take the (very) modern apartment where Joe and I first lived together, pictured below, as an example. Amidst all of its sharp lines and white walls, I did what I could to infuse character. I added antique pieces, like the trunk pictured below, and substantial furniture that contrasted against the otherwise airy feel of the space, like the adjacent oversized leather chair.

7 Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home Decor | Wit & Delight
Photo by Melissa Oholendt for The Everygirl

2. Embrace pieces with “imperfections”

There is nothing I love more than a little bit of effortless-looking wear and tear on a piece of decor or furniture. From the worn spines of books to the nicked edges of a coffee table, imperfections = LIFE, and life breaths energy into a home. Pieces like vintage rugs with holes shouldn’t be immediately looked over when shopping. With a patch or repair, it’ll contribute its own unique quality to the overall story of your home. 

This is a particularly helpful thing to keep in mind when shopping thrift stores, antique shops, and FB marketplace. Those imperfections may be just what your home needs, which brings me to …

3. Shop secondhand!

Nothing makes a home feel more unique than one-of-a-kind pieces. I love shopping at places like Target as well, but I find myself more attached to the pieces I’ve found amidst the things no one wanted, knowing that sourcing the same item elsewhere is unlikely.

The hunt can feel overwhelming at times, and if your first few trips to the antique shop are not fruitful, you may want to give up before realizing the magic of finding that perfect item hidden behind a bunch of junk. But I assure you, if you stay the course, the search will almost always be well worth it.

7 Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home Decor | Wit & Delight
Photo by Chelsey Werth

4. Display your collections

Much of my decor is reliant on things I like to collect—vases, brass figurines, colorful candles, and lace tablecloths, to name a few. Small decor elements look great in odd numbers (3, 5, 7) and can add visual interest to bookshelves, coffee tables, and side tables, especially when styled in varying heights and sizes. Just about anything can become a collection!

5. Make space for hobbies

In addition to showing off your collections, showcasing a place for the fruits of your favorite hobbies can add some life to your space. Love puzzles? Add a little cafe table in front of a window, drape it with a tablecloth, and stack some of your favorite puzzle boxes on top. Suddenly you’ve added a new seating area, a bit of fabric for texture, and a pretty little vignette that also works as a refuge after a long day’s work.

7 Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home Decor | Wit & Delight
Photo by Chelsey Werth

6. Add color and pattern

Whether it’s through fresh flowers, contrasting throw pillows, or an explosion of patterned blankets, cushions, and prints on your wall, every space benefits from the life that color brings. That doesn’t mean painting an otherwise “dull” room a warm coral is right for everyone, but sometimes we forget that even in the most minimal of spaces, we can find a purpose for something dynamic, whether it’s a large rug in royal blue or a small scale patterned print on curtains.

Some homes scream color, while others use it in ways that make you feel it before you notice it.

7. Dress your windows with texture

One of my favorite ways to make blah windows look “complete” is to add blinds AND curtains in differing textures. A bamboo shade with striped linen curtains? So so lovely and layered, with zero construction required. Valances have a bad rep for feeling stuffy, but if you are decorating a bedroom that lacks architectural interest or simply needs some “oomph,” this can be a great way to make it feel polished.

Tell me, what’s your favorite way to add character to your home?

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