7 Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home Decor

add character to your home decor

hink about the last time you walked into a home and felt something. Maybe it was curiosity, a sense of calm, or a shift in energy you couldn’t quite place or describe. A home’s character isn’t limited to unique accents, charming windows, or original hardwood flooring. It is the culmination of individual expression within its walls. It’s … Read more

6 Simple Hosting Tips I Swear by to Make Guests Feel at Home

simple hosting tips

Whenever I’m hosting overnight guests, there are a few simple things I always do to make sure they feel really welcome in our home. In my experience, being a really welcoming host is all about anticipating your guests’ needs beforehand and making sure they’re comfortable while they’re in your space. Here are a few simple … Read more


tips to look younger naturally

Do you remember the first time you looked into the mirror and saw someone old staring back at you? Unfortunately, it will happen to everyone at some stage, but there are ways to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. It’s possible to look youthful at any age thanks to the information and technology … Read more


cure a brutal hangover

Ask a medical professional, and they will tell you that the best cure for a hangover is to avoid getting intoxicated altogether, limiting yourself to the recommended two drinks per day. However, sticking to these parameters is easier said than done when the good times are flowing. Therefore, if you ever find yourself on the … Read more

Best Christmas Decorations to Buy Online in 2022

best christmas decorations to buy online

There’s something so joyful about holiday decorating, whether you do it alone with a cup of hot cocoa and “Jingle Bells” playing in the background or with the whole family as part of a tradition. Preparing for the Christmas season is so much more than just putting up your Christmas tree — it also involves … Read more

How To Make A Christmas Garland: 3 Easy DIY Garland Ideas

make chrsitmas garland

When making a homemade Christmas garland, there are only a few essential materials that you need. How To Make Christmas Garlands Over the years I have experimented with a few different types of Christmas garlands for decorating our tree and our home. The reason I love them so much is how they can transform a … Read more