Christmas party ideas – brilliant ways to make your gathering fabulously festive

It’s holiday season and what better way to celebrate than to launch your favorite Christmas party ideas and bring the glitz and ritz into your home? But from drinks to decorations, snacks to chairs, there’s a lot to think about, plan and prepare in advance.
With the lack of major holiday parties in recent years, everyone is longing for a Christmas on their knees. And if you’re a fan of holiday entertainment, you probably already have some tried-and-true party plans up your sleeve. There’s nothing wrong with checking out a little decor inspiration to put a fresh spin on your party, though!
From how to decorate for the big day and ways to make your home fabulously festive, to what to serve your guests (and how to serve it), we’ve turned to a selection of party experts for advice on how to create the perfect party.
Whether you’re planning to decorate your home from head to toe or just trying out new Christmas ideas to brighten up a room or two, there’s no better time than the present to perfectly prepare your home for the future party.

Christmas party ideas – Genius ways to prep your home for guests

Christmas party ideas

These genius Christmas party ideas are sure to give your gathering an extra fabulous festive edge.

1. Create the ultimate showstopping table decoration

Most of us have the same decor that we put out year after year, but if you’re looking for ways to give that classic look a boost, you’ve come to the right place.

“Gather inspiration from magazines, Pinterest or Instagram to help you define your look,” suggests interior and event stylist Theoda Solms Iles (opens in new tab), “then streamline those ideas into what works for you, your home , what you may already have on a budget.’

‘The trick is to get a few ideas right. If you want to make paper decorations in honeycomb balls and stars, increase them by getting a lot and grouping them in clusters. I always enjoy hanging decor, such as hanging groups of decorations from curtain rods or using detachable Command hooks to hang from ceilings and walls. Hanging decorations always look so impressive.”

2. Greet guests with a hallway cocktail

Festive cocktails are always a guaranteed success at Christmas parties. Stylist Theoda agrees: ‘Choose a signature drink to welcome your guests, it’s a great way to set the mood and works like a real ice breaker.’
Put it somewhere next to the front door – either on a console or a side table – so that when your guests come to give you their coat, you can replace it with a celebratory drink of your choice. Aim for two to three options so that everyone is happy.

3. Use lit decorations to your advantage

Good ambient lighting is essential at a party. “Oh, I loved that brightly lit party!” said no one. Ever.
Debbie Marks, luxury event designer and founder of QubeLuxe (opens in new tab) agrees. “Lighting is very important when it comes to transforming your home into a party space. Lots of twinkling lights, uplights and candles can really change the mood. Avoid using bright house lights if you can.

4. Bring the outdoors in using fresh foliage in your décor

There are many ways to decorate with fodder foliage for Christmas, especially when you are creating a Christmas table idea as a centerpiece for your buffet or dining area.
“Spruce, pine and conifers always look good,” suggests stylist Theoda, “but try adding some rosemary and eucalyptus for a beautiful seasonal and fragrant arrangement.”

5. Set up a drinks trolley for all

While home bars were big before the pandemic, their popularity — and that of pre-mixed cocktails — has grown exponentially through the various lockdowns and beyond.
So it’s worth putting together some sort of drinks cart by decorating a table, sideboard or – if you have one – a drinks cart with all the drinks and accessories your guests need to assemble their favorite drink.

How can I decorate my room for a Christmas party?

There are so many ways you can decorate a space for throwing a party this Christmas. Firstly, things depend on where the party will be centred. 

If most guests will be in and around a living room, or you have an open-plan area, then of course the tree plays a major role in dressing the room. If people tend to congregate in your kitchen, add a mini Christmas tree into the kitchen.

How do you throw the best Christmas party?

Throwing a great party is actually much easier than you might think! Get your Christmas party ideas into action by first decorating the space you’re using to host in, but also remember to include a welcoming wreath at your door.

Add a few decorations in other areas guests might be using, such as a bathroom – a string of fairy lights and a simple display of holly can be incredibly effective.

What do you do at a Christmas party?

Christmas party ideas are a wonderful opportunity to gather and spend time with friends and family before – or on – the big day. While you can, of course, plan games, usually people enjoy this time to be more relaxed and to be used as a chance to socialise. If you prefer a more structured approach, Secret Santa always goes down well, and helps break the ice.

Christmas quizzes are a fun addition, different groups of guests could take turns in hosting rounds. Plus, it’s been long enough since the great Zoom quiz run of 2020 that we’re back to enjoying these once more!

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