Cute and Clever Christmas Captions for Instagram

Sure, the holidays are full of cheer, but they’re also full of group shots, selfies and opportunities to capture moments with family and friends who we rarely get to see throughout the year.

1. Clever Christmas Captions

Clever Christmas Captions

Looking to go beyond simple emojis and hashtags and add sparkling wordplay and a dash of Christmas cheer to your photos? Read on for our favorite clever Christmas captions for Instagram.

I’ve never had figgy pudding, but I’m 100% certain pecan pie is better.

Sometimes I think Christmas should be called “Festival of Carbs.”

Looks like someone’s had a little too much eggnog.

It’s like he WANTS a stocking full of coal.

Once I add a gingerbread hot tub and a peppermint bath bomb, my gingerbread house of dreams is complete.

He sees you when you’re sleeping; he knows if you’re awake … he knows if you’ve been snooping in the closet for gifts, so hands off!

When they say “visions of sugar plums,” is this what they mean?

2. Cute Christmas Captions

Clever Christmas Captions

Looking to add a little sugar and spice to your Instagram photos? You’ll need cute Christmas quotes and good Christmas captions for your holiday shots. Like the sprinkle of sugar on a Christmas cookie, cute captions and sweet quotes can make or break your Instagram shares. Looking for likes? Love to see those comments stack up under your photos? Add a cute Christmas caption, pile on the Santa emojis, and inspire your friends and followers to double-tap, like and comment on your holiday posts.

Jingle all the way, and all that jazz.

Stockings are my favorite … the perfectionist in me loves finding a use for a sock without a match.

Wishing you and yours a holly jolly Christmas!

That’s a wrap! Never thought this moment would arrive, but every single present is wrapped and ready!

We’re getting the stockings hung by the chimney with care! #sockittome

3. Christmas Eve Captions

Clever Christmas Captions

 Add a little spark to those small hours of the night by posting a preparation pic with a cute Christmas caption — seeing the notifications and likes roll in will help you feel more like a jolly old elf and less like Scrooge.

The calm before the storm …

Do Santa’s cookies pair well with white wine? Asking for a friend.

Everything in its place — now to sleep approximately 20 minutes before the kids wake us up.

Twinkle twinkle, little star. #christmastreelightsaremyfavorite

About to settle down for a long winter’s nap. See you in the morning!

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring … except for me, of course, because there’s still SO much to do. #christmascrunch

Are visions of sugarplums dancing in my head? If by “sugarplums,” you mean toy wrapping and stocking filling and breakfast prepping … then yes.

4. Santa Claus Captions

Clever Christmas Captions

Old Saint Nick deserves a little love on Instagram, don’t you think? Give that jolly old elf some credit on his longest work night of the year by writing a few Christmas Instagram captions inspired by the man in the red suit. You never know — it might just earn you a place on the nice list!

Told the kids I’d stay up to “wait on Santa.” It’s code for “catch up on Game of Thrones.”

Don’t tell Santa we dropped these cookies on the floor right before the pic. Does the five-second rule apply to jolly old elves?

If Santa can get respect by eating cookies for breakfast and dressing in a glorified velour sweat suit all year, then there’s hope for us all.

Hopefully Santa didn’t go Paleo this year. #cookiesarecarbs

I tried to convince the kids to leave “Santa” a massage certificate this year, but they insisted on going with cookies.

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