Enchong Dee Arrested: Why Was Enchong Dee Arrested? Reason, Filipino Actor All Charges & Allegations Explained!

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Hello guys, we have a really shocking news regarding one of the most popular actors. So recently Actor and performer Enchong Dee has been making headlines all over the social networking site, so he’s a very well-known Filipino actor and has been receiving a lot of attention. Because out of nowhere he has been charged with criminal activities. And then arrest warrant was issued in his name. He is one of the most followed Filipino actor in the industry. He has been featured in various blockbuster hits in the Filipino language.

Enchong Dee Arrested

Enchong Dee Arrested

Especially girls really adore him because of his handsome looks and charming personality. But now they are criticizing him for the actions he has done. We would reveal everything in this article, so stay with us. So recently I representative Claudine Bautista has registered a complaint against the actor for a hateful and malicious Twitter. She has accused him for ruining her character. The rivalry is taking a really bad form and trending all over the Internet. The warrant was issued on 25th January and he was immediately taken into custody.

Why Was Enchong Dee Arrested? Reason

He has been charged with numerous sections for violating the guidelines. The police apprehended him from his home. Local authorities have stated that the address was a boarding house owned by the performer. They immediately caught him and he is currently being interrogated. But there has been no proof of such activities by the actor, and that’s why his followers are defending him. they all are trying to prove that it is just a publicity stunt and she is trying to ruin his reputation.

Enchong Dee Filipino Actor All Charges & Allegations Explained

The actor was born on the 5th of November in 1998. He entered acting at such an early age and had a passion and talent for it. His first major drama was released in 2003, and he has been collaborated with a lot of well known celebrities across the world. He has been honored with numerous awards are on television. He has a guest featured in a lot of talk shows and radio broadcast. So stay tuned with us. So for further updates for this case and you can read other breaking news from the site.

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