How Nate Berkus Associates Made a 12,000-Square-Foot

Nate Berkus Associates

Nate Berkus Associates recently completed a 12,000-square-foot home in Los Angeles that was inspired by the Hacienda del Sol guest ranch in Tucson, Arizona. The home, which was featured in Architectural Digest, is owned by entrepreneur Elie Samaha and his wife, who also have a home in Beverly Hills. The couple hired Nate Berkus Associates to design their new home after being impressed by the firm’s work on their previous residence.

“We really love what they did with our last house, so we wanted to give them free rein,” Elie Samaha said. “And we’re very happy with the results.” The new home includes a number of elements that were inspired by the Hacienda del Sol guest ranch, including a wood-beamed ceiling in the living room and Saltillo tile floors throughout. The furniture and fabrics were also chosen to reflect the Southwest style of the property. One of the most impressive features of the house is the 12-foot-tall glass doors that open up to the backyard, which features a pool and spa. “It’s like being on vacation all the time,” Elie Samaha said of the outdoor space.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Your dining room is the place where you entertain guests and share meals with family, so it’s important to create a space that is both inviting and functional. When choosing furniture, be sure to select pieces that are the right size for the room and that can be easily moved around to accommodate different numbers of people. A large table may be impressive, but if it’s too big for the space, it will make the room feel cramped.

In terms of layout, there are a few different options to consider. A traditional setup has the table in the middle of the room with chairs arranged around it. If you have a large enough space, you could also float the furniture in the center of the room and create an intimate conversation area. Another option is to push the furniture against one wall so that guests can sit facing each other, which is ideal for smaller rooms. When deciding on a color scheme, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

A light and airy palette will make the space feel more open, while darker colors will add coziness and drama. If you want your dining room to feel formal, opt for classic colors like black, white, or gray. If you’re going for a more casual vibe, experiment with brighter hues or patterns.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize! Adding a few well-chosen pieces can really make your dining room pop. A statement lighting fixture will draw the eye upward and help set the mood for dinner parties. Pops of color from art work or flowers will add life to the space. And finally, don’t forget about practicalities like placemats and serving ware—these items can really elevate your dining experience.

Office Decor

Office Decor

Most people spend a majority of their day at the office, so it’s important to make sure your space is decorated in a way that promotes productivity and positive energy. Here are a few tips for office decor that will help you create a more productive work environment:

1. Keep it simple: When it comes to office decor, less is usually more. A cluttered space can be overwhelming and distracting, so stick to basics when choosing furniture and accessories.

2. Make it comfortable: Along with being simple, your office decor should also be comfortable. Choose furniture that you’ll actually want to spend time sitting in, and don’t forget to add a few personal touches like photos and plants.

3. Promote productivity: One of the most important aspects of office decor is promoting productivity. Choose colors and patterns that energize you, and make sure your work area is well-lit and free of distractions.

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