How to Be Confident in Your Body? Practical Ways to Increase Confidence in Your Body

With summer in full swing and social media flooded with images of people from all over the world flaunting their toned, often tanned bodies to perfection, feeling the pressure to “look good” comes naturally. If you want to know that how to be confident in your body then stay with us!

According to a recent survey by Ipsos, nearly 80% of Americans feel dissatisfied with the appearance of their body. So, if you have ever felt dissatisfied with the appearance of your body, know that you are not alone.

More than 90% of UK women are dissatisfied with their bodies, with two thirds believing their lives would improve dramatically if they were happier with their weight, hips, thighs or waistline. According to scientific research, body confidence is linked to overall happiness. The good news, though? Your body doesn’t necessarily have to change, but the way you treat it.

Check Out These 08 Simple Steps you Can Take to Have Confidence in Your Body

Focus on what you love about yourself. It’s not just loving your looks that helps build confidence in your body, but also embracing who you are. “Think about your values, qualities and achievements that make you who you are,” says Taylor. Appreciate your strengths and if you don’t know where to start, ask a loved one who no doubt has a long, guaranteed list to cheer you up, adds the wellness expert.

1. You Are Your Best Friend!

When your inner voice starts to speak badly in your appearance, stop and ask yourself: Would you talk to your best friend like that? Sometimes we don’t give ourselves the respect we deserve. Whenever you’re tempted to call yourself derogatory names, hit the pause button and set it to something free. You deserve better.

2. Find a Workout You Love

How to be confident? Science agrees that exercise is a certified mood enhancer. Once endorphins (the happy hormones) come into play there is no more room for low self-esteem. The hard part is staying motivated. If the gym doesn’t keep you busy, stretch out and find a workout that you really enjoy. This way, you train solely for the sake of the sport and not to achieve a specific weight or appearance.

Don’t limit yourself to the treadmill, get creative. Join a local soccer team, give hula hooping lessons your best shot. Have you always dreamed of roller derby? However There is no another time like the present.

3. Be Aware of What’s Going in Your Body?

We tend to focus on what our body looks like and not what it can do. Forget what it looks like; take some time to focus on the amazing things it can do. Think of its speed, strength and power. When exercising, don’t think about how many calories you’ve burned, instead celebrate how hard your body worked and what it achieved during the workout. Stop listing the things your body can’t do and think about the things it can instead. After a few weeks, you may find that you have a newfound respect for your amazing body.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

People come in all shapes and sizes. One person is beautiful in one way and the other in another. And isn’t that how it should be? Comparing yourself with others can make you feel like you don’t look like you should, but you shouldn’t look like someone else; you should look like you.

5. Be Grateful to the God

Say Thanks To God

Getting stuck in your appearance is a waste of precious time and energy, and sometimes, it takes something pretty drastic to put things into perspective. Rather focusing on the evil, make a list of what you are grateful for: the people closest to you, your career, your home, your health. Others dream of having what you have.

Take the time to be aware and appreciate all the good things in your life right now and how you can nurture them further in the future.

6. Dress to Impress

It’s all too easy to hide a body you don’t love in shabby clothes. Open the doors of your wardrobe and choose your most colorful and fun clothes. Your body is beautiful and deserves to wear clothes that sparkle and sparkle and light up the rooms. It may sound silly, but the way you dress can affect your overall mood. If you dress in confident way, you will  feel much confident. It’s not about looking sexy; it’s about having fun. Wear bright colors and strong prints, whatever makes you smile when you see your reflection in the mirror.

7. Always Remember! a Beautiful Thing Is not Always Perfect

Perfection is boring, if not impossible: it becomes real, it is rare that even the models you see in magazines look like themselves. It simply means that you have chosen to embrace your imperfections. It means that the bump on the bridge of the nose is a beautiful and fabulous part of you just as you are, being real. However practice looking in the mirror every day and being grateful for the body you have. It’s an incredibly powerful exercise, and it sends the right kind of empowerment messages to your brain.

8. Get Out of Social Media

At the end scrolling through Facebook can be an unhealthy distraction if you suffer from low self-esteem. Social media isn’t a reality, it’s just all the pieces your friends want you to see. Focus on yourself. They too have days of crisis, we are sure.

Try to find a hobby / positive outlet that keeps you from overthinking. Start reading and spend some time away from the screen. Maddy Malhotra’s “How to Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident” is a good choice if you’re struggling to banish your inner critic.

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