INSTAGRAM: How To Like Instagram Stories As New Feature Arrives In 2022, All Details Explained!

Hello, friends are also waiting for the information, then we have come again hot information for you today. Instagram Stories is a new feature that was introduced in the app in September 2018. Instagram has announced that it will be removing the option to like or dislike Stories, with the only option being to leave a comment. Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom said that the feature was meant to be a way for users to express themselves, but that it has become “confusing” and “overused”.

How To Like Instagram Stories In 2022

In response to the change, many users have expressed their disappointment at the loss of this feature. Instagram Stories is a new feature that is being tested on a limited basis but will be available to all users in the future. The Instagram Stories feature allows you to post multiple photos and videos to your Instagram account, which will be automatically saved for 24 hours. The feature has a “Like” button, which allows you to add a heart and comment on the post, without having to view the post.

Instagram stories are the new feature that will be available to all users in the next year. This new feature will allow users to share short videos, with a 15-second limit, which will disappear after 24 hours. A new feature for Instagram will be rolled out in the second half of 2022. This new feature will allow users to create a video or live video and send it to their followers. The new feature will also allow users to use Instagram’s new stickers and effects as well as filters to create videos.

Instagram has recently announced a new feature to add likes to your stories. The new feature is similar to Facebook’s ‘Likes’ feature, and it will be available for all users on Instagram in 2022. The feature will be available to all users from today onwards, however, it will not be available on every user’s profile immediately. The feature will be rolled out gradually to all users. Users can also choose to remove the feature from their profile if they don’t want to use

A new feature called “Stories” has been added to Instagram. Stories are short videos that can be posted to your profile and will be available for 24 hours. Stories can be viewed in a feed or on the Explore tab, and are similar to Snapchat’s Discover page. Instagram introduced a new feature to its Stories feature which allows users to give likes to their stories. Users can now like the stories of their friends and family by tapping on the heart icon on the top right corner of the screen.

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