The Ultimate Guide to Make a Christmas Gift Box at Home

Sometimes it is hard for us to find our desired Christmas gift box in the market. It is because what we have in our mind sometimes does not match the products available, which might frustrate you. However, there is a solution to every problem, and the best way to solve this problem is to make your own customized gift box. And you can also do the other crafts projects with your kids, especially when you are stuck at home. There are multiple ways you can make a gift box at home but today we will show you the way that is easy and does not require a lot of material. This article is all about the step-by-step guide for making Christmas gift boxes at home.

Christmas gift box idea

Material Required

As mentioned above, you do not need a lot of material. However, the primary material that is required to build an ideal gift box is mentioned below:

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  1. Wallpaper
  2. Scale
  3. Glue gun
  4. Paper cutter or
  5. Scissor
  6. pencil 

Step 1.  Cut the wallpaper into two pieces. To make it look good, you need to cut the lower piece at least 1/2 inches smaller than the top piece. The box we are going to make can be of any size according to your will. However, right now, we will take the example of a 5 inches perfect gift box.

Cut The Wallpaper into Two Pieces

Step 2. Start from the lower piece and first fold in half vertically and after making crisp creases, unfold it and now fold it horizontally. Once this process is done, unfold the paper entirely and repeat this process with the top piece as well.

Fold paper in Half

Step 3. Now fold the paper in a diamond shape. To do that, hold paper from the corner and fold it towards the middle, making it in a triangle shape. Repeat this process with all sides of the paper. In the end, the paper will look like a diamond, and once you are done with the lower paper, repeat for the other one.

Fold Your Paper Into a Diamond

Step 4. To make the perfect creases, you need to rotate the diamond at 45 degrees and fold the paper towards the center, where all the corners come together. Once this is done, unfold the paper so it looks like a smaller square again. Repeat the process with the second paper as well.

Make the Paper Creases

Step 5. Now fold the right and left corner of the paper, and your paper should now look like a big rectangle with triangles at the top and down the side of it. Do this for the second paper as well.

Turn Your Paper Square Into a Rectangle

Step 6. On this step, you now finally enter into shaping and start building your gift box. We now have to make an L with the big rectangle with triangles on the edges. You need to fold the rectangle from the reasonable crease where it can perfectly look like an L shape element. Repeat the process with the other one as well.

Create an L with Your Paper

Step 7. Now all you have to do is to unfold the edges and make a corner. Do the same with the other paper as well.

Unfold The Edges

Step 8. This is the final step and yet the most tricky one as well because, in this step, you finalize all the things. You will, in this step, first fold the top triangle, and the base of your rectangle will be ready. Now to create the top of the box, you can easily start from step 2 and repeat the whole process.

Finish Your Box


Decorate the Box

The main thing in the gift box is its decoration. Because the decoration is an important stylish thing for any object’s completion. And you can also decorate your home by these impressive ideas. Now the box is ready; you need to make it look as good as possible by adding different things to it. Therefore, if you are following any theme, the decoration will be according to that. However, some essential decorations, such as the addition of a ribbon, are compulsory. To add the ribbon, you need to buy it from the market and add it quickly to the top of the box with the help of double tape or glue. Moreover, another decoration that looks great on the gift box is the card that tells “from” and “to”. you can either buy it from any birthday cards shop or make that by yourself as well.

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To make a gift box at home you need chart paper that makes with your hand-made gift box’s theme. Now you have to cut it in the heart shape or square shape according to your preference, make designs on it with the help of markers and colors, and stick it on the gift box with the help of glue or double tape.


There are multiple benefits of making the gift box at home. However, the most fantastic benefit is that you can create something that market might not offer you, or it will be hard for you to search for such a product. Moreover, it is easy on the pocket, and most importantly, it is very easy to make; and you can give a gift to kid of 5 years old or can make a gift box with perfection. Therefore we have provided you with all the necessary instructions. Now it’s your turn to see and build something that makes you unique in all of your friends and family.

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