How Did SIDHU MOOSE WALA Cause Of Death? Punjabi Singer Shot Dead, Funeral Updates, Latest News & Obituary!

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A piece of news is popping up theta Sidhu Moosewala a singer was shot and was pronounced dead. The singer according to sources was shot in Mansa by an unknown gunman who shot him hard and fled. Sidhu was a famous singer from Punjab, and he was on his way to Mansa, his village in Punjab. Along with the singer some other people were also injured in the incidents. And the incident happened when the Government of the state lifted the security cover that was provided to him.

Sidhu Moosewala Death Reason

According to sources two other people who were with him were also injured during the incident and there were 30shots fired during the killing. After which the singer was rushed to the nearby civilian hospital, that was In Mansa but unfortunately, the singer was in a critical condition until then and did not survive the attack. At the hospital, the singer was announced as dead. The security withdrawal happened one day before the singer was shot.

Along with Sidhu, there were more than 420 people who were allotted the security including former MLAs as well. Jathedars of two takes, heads of Deras, and Police officers as well were allotted the security but it was lifted a day before the incident. Apart from being a singer, Sidhu was also a politician who joined the Congress party in December last year. He was unsuccessful at his attempt in elections, that were held in 2022. He was taking part on behalf of congress, in the Mansa district elections.

Sidhu Moosewala Latest News

The surgeon from the hospital where Sidhu was taken said that Sidhu was already dead when he was brought there. About the people who were brought along with him, they were taken to the nearby hospitals for further treatments, after getting primary treatments from this hospital. Unfortunately, the singer did not make it to the hospital as well. Dr. Ranjeet Rai who was interviewed by the ANI news said that three people were brought to the hospital and one of them was Sidhu Moosewala.

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Sidhu Moosewala Death Video

The singer. But Sidhu was already dead when he was brought to the hospital. After providing primary treatments the other two who were with Sidhu were sifter for further treatments at the nearby hospital, said the doctor. The incident happened a day after the lifting of the security, which depicts that the killers were in an urge to kill the singer. Maybe this is the first case that we are hearing. Until now only this information is out. His family and friends haven’t said anything until now.

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