Apps to Make Parenting Easier for Single Mothers

There are currently 13.6 million single mothers raising over 20 million children in the USA. It is a tough life for mothers, especially single ones, in this day and age. Moreover, for all mothers, their child’s happiness and security are all that is on their mind all day. From the day the child is being breastfed, mothers never want to let their child out of their sight. Even when the child grows up to be a teen, mothers can’t risk letting them stay out of school or the house. Of course, that also becomes a problem for mothers who get in arguments with their children. To avoid these situations, mothers should use technology to be the guardian angel of the child all around.

Apps to Help Single Mothers:

There are many apps on the market that are designed to make things better for moms. These apps let you communicate around the world with moms and offer incredible features too. Reviews and comments suggest that a large population has benefited from them. They have described how their problems and scenarios were relatable and addressed by experts who’ve experienced the situation, all online. Other apps bring along features that allow you to meet new moms around you, exercise and fitness apps, apps that help you set schedules and chores, etc. Then some apps also allow you the ability to take security measures not only for your property and personal stuff but your kids too.

1) Hey! Vina:

This is a popular app that lets mothers who move into a new neighborhood communicate with mothers around them. This helps break the ice for a lot of people who can communicate online and have a common ground to talk. Sharing experiences and information have helped people settle in better.

2) Cozi:

Cozi is a great app that lets you organize, schedule, plan and even share your to-do-lists, shopping lists, and even store recipes. You can’t miss a dance recital or forget to bring back cereal, and if you can involve your kids, they can help out too. The app also offers a family journal that helps you keep memories in the form of photos, videos, and other formats.

3) Playground Buddy:

This is another app designed to make things easier for moms in new neighborhoods. This app features a location recommendation system for parks and playgrounds explicitly. This can help moms take less time to decide the ideal location to take their kids out to. The playground most recommended by neighborhood moms comes as helpful in reducing decision-making time.

4) KidSecured:

This is a monitoring app that lets you spy on your kids’ cellphones without them noticing it. You can have access to their Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Line call logs and chats. You can check where your kids are at all times and be aware of everything they are interacting with. This comes with the ability to track GPS locations and control alerts and network activity on the target device as well. That means you can block sites and content that you don’t want your kids to see. KidSecured is the guardian app that lets you be there for your kids all the time.


These are just some of the apps on the market that can help make lives easier for mothers all around. Explore and find yourself the right one to help make your situation more manageable.

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