‘The Santa Clauses’ Full Movie

The Santa Clauses

The Santa Clause movies are some of the many films that make the rounds on network television channels every holiday season and for good reason. Though the films may not have the flashy musical set pieces of White Christmas (1954) or the animated artistry of The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), but they are still undeniably fun films that are reaching the age of being nostalgic for adults who grew up watching them. Now, over fifteen years after The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) was released, we are finally getting to see this unique take on the Christmas mascot again with The Santa Clauses (2022).

Just when we thought the story of Scott Calvin was concluded, he’s back in his own limited series, with Tim Allen once again donning the white beard and bright red coat. The sequel series was announced by Disney back in January of this year, and even though it hasn’t even been a full year yet, The Santa Clauses is set to be here just in time for the holiday season. Thanks to the show’s large presence at this year’s D23 Expo, we’ve also gotten a lot more details and even a first look at what the new show will have to offer.

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