Unique Christmas Card Ideas Kids Can Make

Looking to get a little extra crafty with your gift-giving this holiday season? Up the ante of any present with these creative Christmas card ideas! No matter if the card contains heartfelt sentiments or a much coveted gift card (or both!), they’ll be all the more delighted by the contents if they come in a handmade Christmas card.

1. Snow globe card

Snow globe card

The perfect gift for grandparents, this adorable snow globe card features a photo of your little one. Why not make one every year as a keepsake to record your child’s growth?

2. Fingerprint Reindeer

Fingerprint Reindeer

Kids love getting mucky, especially when it’s alongside everyone else in the family. Set up a conveyor belt of fingerprinting and then transform each family member’s in to a unique reindeer.

3. Paperstrip Trees

Paperstrip Trees

If you need to produce a lot of cards, and your kids don’t particularly love craft, these paper strip trees are an incredibly simple solution.

4. Hama Bead Presents

Hama Bead Presents

If you have a little girl of primary school age, you might well spend your life ironing hama bead creations. Make it more worthwhile by including them on their Christmas cards this year!5. Button Baubles

Collecting buttons like your Granny always did, but not sure what to do with them? These button bauble Christmas cards are simple and effective making them one of our favourite Christmas card ideas for children to make.

6. Potato Print Snowmen

Potato Print Snowmen

A childhood wouldn’t be complete without a chance to do potato printing at some point. You’ll only need white paint and no intricate potato carving making these very easy to create, clear up, and enjoy.

7. Cotton Wool Pad Snowman

Cotton Wool Pad

If you’re stuck for a last minute crafty Christmas card idea, raid your bathroom supplies to create this striking cotton wool pad creation.

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